Message from Managing Director

Rijalco Group has a complete range of piping systems for a whole range of application. Mangalam is one of the few companies in Nepal to provide one stop solution for plumbing, drainage, water supply, agriculture and electricals piping.Rijalco Group showcases a complete range of plumbing systems for a whole range of application. With the onset of COVID-19, we took matter into our hands and even introduced masks and sanitizer to help Nepal combat the pandemic. Amongst everything, Rijalco is a company that looks out for their clients and customers, ensuring high quality and standards in our products and services. Rijalco Group not always in the pinnacle of success. Our story begins from my youth as a young man who was looking to fit into modular job opportunities present at that time. However, it was in vain. Then, I thought to myself, “Why not start something anew from the ground up?”

That was the birth of Rijalco in 2050 B.S. in Morang. Initially, Rijalco faced challenges establishing itself in a highly competitive market. In 2063, it was time to take our company to the next level. Rijalco was expanded to the capital. That was the turning point of our story. From then, our pioneer technology in our tank production was loved by many customers. The technology allowed us to create products that were durable, longlasting and non-heating in nature. Today, Rijalco Group is well-known and I am grateful to all well-wishers. In the end, I can only say take a stand in what you believe and dare to turn your dreams into reality.

Naveen Rijal

Managing Director, Rijalco Group