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Rihaan Agriculture Farm is a prominent distributor and supplier of Premium Quality Himalayan Yak Cheese Chews. They have a strong Yak Chew ecosystem built from production to shipping. Two cousins, Birat Narsingh KC and Dinesh Kunwar founded the company in 2015 to cater to the growing demand for Himalayan Cheese Chews overseas. To be the best suppliers of Yak Chews for Nepal and Overseas, they built a company that lived by its commitment to customers in terms of Quality, Service, and Pricing. Rihaan’s Himalayan Cheese Chews are highly regarded in the US. They are a major supplier to one of the most prominent Himalayan Cheese Companies in the US that caters to customers of all sizes. Rihaan Agriculture Farm is the...

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Quality & Nutrient

We handpick our sources to align with our commitment to providing high quality, all-natural chews, and treats to your pets.

Sourced from a group of hand-picked and trusted suppliers

Superior quality products to go along with your pet’s healthy lifestyle

Great quality natural ingredients with no added preservatives

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MEGA Yak Cheese Chew Factory Coming up in 2023. Stay Tuned !!!

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